Providing Aid

Divikriaa Foundation is committed to #ProtectingTheWomb by helping to-be-mothers, infants, children and toddlers have a nutritious and fulfilling life.

In this effort we extended help to Mrs. Wasiya Sarkhawas who is on her way to becoming a mother soon. To ensure that her poor financial situation doesnu2019t come in the way of her having a normal pregnancy and delivery, Directors – Mr. Narendra Hiraskar and Ms. Diviya Aggarwal handed over a contribution cheque to Mrs. Sarkhawas on behalf of Divikiraa Foundation.

Such fulfilling experiences only strengthen our dedication to keep working for the happiness and well-being of mothers to enable them so that they can provide their babies with the best care and support possible.

Food Distribution

On 16th of September, the Divikriaa Foundation team visited Ward no. 5 Pune Cantonment Board to distribute food to underprivileged families.

This activity was conducted in the constituency of the Vice President of PCB in collaboration with social activist and politician Mr. Sudhir Ji Yadav.

The Directors of Divikriaa Foundation u2013 Ms. Diviya Aggarwal and Mr. Narendra Hiraskar, and Communication & Creative Head – Devisha Mehra, took up the initiative to provide a healthy meal to underprivileged families living in this area.

We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve individuals strongly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 situation during this time of need.

Sports Aid

Divikriaa Foundation, has adopted a primary school of a Zilla parishad in Wai, village kondavle, district Satara. Initially the foundation has provided 60 track suits, cricket kits, outdoor sporting kits like volley balls, basket balls, with nets, badminton rackets costing more than Rs 1,00,000. The Zilla parishad school located in a remote village of Wai has students belonging to the Scheduled caste and schedule tribes and hail from extreme poverty conditions the event of distribution of sporting equipments was attended by the foundation Directors Ms Diviya Aggarwal, Mr Narendra Hiraskar, Mr Ravindra Latinge, Principal of the primary school amongst others


Divikriaa Foundation awarded the achievers award to Taniya Joshi (age 21 yrs)for her exemplary service to the underprivileged. Taniya also has adopted a 2 month old child for the next 2 years. Milk, medicines, vaccines and groceries would be provided to the family of the adopted child. Taniya has been doing social service since the young age of 16 by helping the lower strata of society with her own pocket money.

Makar Sankranti

On the occassion of Makarsankranti, Divikriaa Foundation distributed 101 sarees along with thali having haldi kumkum to the women of the underprivileged section so also the pregnant women. Foundation directors M/s Diviya Aggarwal and Narendra Hiraskar were present.

Birthday Celebration

Directors of the foundation, Ms Diviya Aggarwal and Mr Narendra Hiraskar commend such individuals and encourage them to do social work

On the occassion of the foundation director Diviya Aggarwal‘s birthday 300 lunch boxes were distributed to students of the Mahatma Gandhi English Medium school the students belong to parents whose parents are either serving jail sentence for crimes, maids working at homes, single parents and children who are destitutes.